You may be wondering why some categories are imported from your Google Maps search. In this article, we will explain how this workflow works once it is launched.

In this first step, all the establishments transmitted by Google Maps in the area that you have drawn on the map with the keyword that you yourself have filled in the "Industry" box are listed.

It is possible that Google Maps transmits industries or activities that have an indirect relationship and sometimes even no relationship with the keyword you entered. It is the Google Maps algorithm that is at work here, not Oliverlist.

This algorithm visits all the websites of the establishments present on Google Maps, which allows it to deduce that an establishment classified in another category is of interest in relation to the keyword you have entered.

Example: It may show you a business listed as a "construction company" when you are looking for "plumbers" because when you visit the construction company's website, there is a page that claims to offer plumbing services.

But this is not problematic for you, because at the end of step 2, you will be able to view the results of the imported contacts and filter with the "Industry" filter the google categories you want to keep and engage in your campaign.

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