A prospect who is not interested in at a given moment may change his mind over time. This is why it is essential to send e-mail reminders to your prospects. When a business opportunity has the "Oliver ON" status Oliver automatically reminds prospects engaged in a campaign. The follow-up periods are two to three months apart and last about a week. During each follow-up period, prospects can be contacted up to twice.

As long as the prospects have not replied to the emails automatically sent by Oliver, the opportunity will keep the "Oliver ON" status. On the other hand, the opportunity will switch to "Oliver OFF" status as soon as Oliver detects a reply from one of the prospects within the opportunity. At this point, all automatic reminders scheduled are canceled. It is also possible to turn "Oliver OFF" manually by clicking on "Deactivate Oliver".

Attention, when an opportunity is on "Oliver OFF", it is up to you to schedule a reminder manually by clicking on "Schedule a reminder".

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