In order to allow Oliver to connect to your Gmail account, an action will be required from the administrator of your Gsuite account. Don't panic, this is a standard procedure that should not take more than a few minutes.

Step 1: Allow the Oliver application in the Google Suite admin panel of your corporate account. This operation is to be performed by the administrator of the Google Gsuite account:

  1. Start by logging in to your Google Gsuite admin console. From the control panel, click on "Security" and open "Settings".

2. Then, scroll down to section "API Permissions".

3. Clic on "Manage Third-Party App Access".

4. Clic on "Add App" then select " OAuth App Name Or Client ID"

5. Search for Oliver with its Google ID :

6. The app now appear in the " App Access Control"

Step 2 : Give authorizations to the Oliver application to process your future prospecting emails via Gmail. This operation is to be performed by the user of the Gmail account to be synchronized:

  1. Fill in the email to synchronize, your first and last name.

2.Select the account you want to synchronize.

3. Clic on "advanced settings".

Why is the application not validated ?

4. Click on "access".

Learn more about Nylas.

5. Accept all three authorizations.

6. Click on "Allow".

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