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Do you wonder where the contacts involved in your prospecting campaigns come from?

This article tells you more about it:

Where do the data come from?

The information we possess is the result of incessant research in many publicly accessible sources on the Internet. Before reaching our database, this information has been analyzed, categorized and verified. More than 87 processes of classification and verification of interrelated data allow us to provide you with reliable and updated information.

Are the contacts verified?

Each contact is updated approximately every 15 days, allowing us to anticipate as much as possible a change of position or an email that is no longer effective.

What happens if a contact is not effective?

It is possible for an email to become invalid or for a company to close between two updates. We detect these particular cases and these contacts will never be billed to you.

Can we reuse contacts indefinitely once they have been purchased?

Yes, once you have bought the contacts they belong to you, you can reuse them indefinitely in new campaigns. You can also view, download or automatically transfer all your contacts to your CRM in the "Contacts" section.

Does it comply with the RGPD?

All the processes of acquisition and contact used by Oliver are in conformity with the RGPD. Thus, Oliver respects the following legal obligations: we inform our prospects about the conditions of data processing, we respect the right of opposition (unsubscribe link) and we make sure that the application is related to the profession of the requested person.

Today, we are very pleased to announce an accuracy rate of 95%.

You can be sure that you will only get data of the highest quality from us.

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