List of your campaigns

In this view, you can visualize from left to right :

The status of your campaign: your campaign is in "Pending" status when you have not yet scheduled a start date for it. Be careful, the validation of your campaign is also subject to verification by our team. The launch may therefore be delayed if we feel we need to check a few points with you. Your campaign takes the status "Active" the day the first prospecting emails leave. Finally, your campaign has the status "Stopped" when you have decided to stop it.

  • The "Campaign" column: tells you the name you have given to your campaign.

  • The "Website" column: tells you about the URL that will be used to promote your products or services in your campaign.

  • The column "Available contacts" : tells you about the progress of your campaign and the quantity of new contacts available to be engaged in your campaign.

  • The "Sent" column: tells you the number of emails that have been sent as part of the campaign, including follow-up emails.

  • The "Sessions" column: tells you how many sessions have been performed from the emails sent in the prospecting sequence of your campaign.

  • The "Responses" column: tells you how many responses were recorded by the application in the framework of your campaign.

  • The "Managers" column: tells you about the users in your company who can view the campaign and the opportunities generated by it.


In this first part of the "Statistics" section related to your campaign, you can view the total number of emails sent during the selected period. You can edit this time space using the filter. The graph shows the results per day.

Last sendings

In the "Last sendings" section, you can view the last contacts involved in your campaign.

Summary of "My Campaign"

This section summarizes the essential aspects of your campaign such as the status of each step of your campaign, the "new contacts available" at a given time T, but also a summary of the different messages that make up the prospecting sequence you have configured in your campaign. If you wish to modify your campaign, nothing could be simpler, just click on "Edit campaign".

Edit my campaign

In this section you can easily edit the parameters, the target, the message, the options but also your daily budget. Be careful, this will imply changes on the results. The analysis of your results will therefore be more complicated to understand.

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