Save time

By using Oliver, you are saying goodbye to a number of long and tedious tasks that make you lose a lot of time:

  • Find new prospects

  • Check/update/order your prospects

  • Send emails manually to your prospects

  • Manually relaunch your prospects

  • Track the interest of your prospects

  • Transfer the information to your CRM

  • Concerned about the reputation of your field

By delegating these tasks to Oliver, you save time and can focus on turning hot prospects into customers.

Taking care of the reputation of your domain

The traditional method of cold prospecting is to send a large number of emails to contacts that are not necessarily verified. In addition, emails are often sent massively at once.

This has a direct impact on the reputation of your domain, the delivery rate is strongly impacted, many of your emails end up as SPAMS.

Nowadays, the main email solution providers know how to recognize an automatic email from a manual one.

At Oliver, we take care of your reputation by contacting people whose email is verified. In addition, the sending methods are called "smart", emails are sent one by one with time gaps that vary between two batches, throughout the day. In other words, the sending method is very similar to that of a human, which allows us to guarantee emails that arrive in the main inbox of your prospects.

Take advantage of an efficient methodology

A good acquisition strategy is often the right combination of Inbound and Outbound Marketing. However, this is often easy to say, but far from being as simple as applying the right methods.

Oliver is an Outbound Marketing tool, i.e. a prospecting tool that contacts people who do not know you and who have not necessarily shown interest in your product before.

Also called cold calling, this prospecting method requires the application of a methodology based on many psychological aspects.

At Oliver, the construction of your prospecting email is simple and fast. It integrates all the best practices necessary to ensure that the email is received, opened and maximizes the response rate.

As such, Oliver himself manages follow-up in an intelligent way so that the email is sent at the right time, according to the real interest of the prospect, so as not to disturb him if he is not interested or to encourage him to respond if he shows interest.

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