For those who have a website running with Wix, here are the steps to follow in order to integrate the tracking code you need on your site if you want us to send you the traffic made by your prospects through an Oliver campaign.

Step 1: retrieving the tracking code

  • To do so, click on your campaign and then click on Edit Campaign.

  • Then go to Step 6 in your campaign "summary" and copy the tracking code found in the yellow box.

Step 2: Add your tracking code on Wix

1 - Go to your Wix site's Dashboard Settings.

2 - Click on Tracking and Analytics below Advanced Settings.

3 - Click + New Tool and choose from the Custom drop-down list.

4 - Set up your code:

  • Enter your code.

  • Choose the corresponding domain.

  • Note: This option will only appear if you have multiple domains. Choose a name for your code.

  • Place the code in: Choose where the code snippet should be placed in your site's code : "Body - End"

5. Click Apply.

Click here to learn more about the code options.

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