My e-mails did not send. What can I do?

Don't panic! Here is some information on this subject:

  • If you launch a campaign, the first e-mails will be sent the next day: This allows the campaign to be validated by the team and guarantees its compliance with the general conditions of use of the tool.

  • It's after 9am and no email has been sent? As you may already know, Oliver automatically adapts the sending of your emails to the times when they will be read the most! The emails will therefore not necessarily leave at 9 am, but perhaps later in the day, at the most opportune time detected by Oliver.

  • Have you checked the selection of sending days in your campaign? During the "Sending" step of your campaign configuration, you may have told the tool to send your campaign only on specific days. For example, if you launched your campaign on a Monday and you want your campaign to start on Tuesday, remember to include Tuesday in your sending days!

If after reading this short article, you still have doubts about the launch of your campaign, don't hesitate to write us a little message in the chat! We will always be happy to help you!

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