Has a user's prospecting email been deleted? Find out why and how to fix it?

There are three reasons why a user's emails have been deleted.

Reason n°1 : Inactivity

A user's emails will be deleted when none of them have contacted new prospects for a period of 30 days or more (pause in campaigns for more than a month, no more available prospects, ...).

Reason n°2 : Renewal of domain names

In order for us to maximize the performance of our campaigns over time, we may have to renew (delete and buy back) domain names whose spam rate* (detected continuously using the warm-up process) is too high.

Thus, domain names will be deleted/redeemed if one of the following conditions is met:

The spam rate is greater than or equal to 70% for +1 week.
The warm-up period is over (initial period of 15 days) and we have not managed to get the domain below 10% spam rate.
*Spam rate: This means that one or more of the prospecting emails have reached a spam rate >/= 70%. These emails will be automatically replaced.


Reason #3: The user's will. 

If a user decides not to prospect anymore, for various reasons (departure, indefinite break,...) we will proceed to the deletion of the prospecting emails. 


How to remedy the deletion of prospecting emails? 

There are two possibilities to generate new emails.

Option 1: Assign the sales person/user to a new order. Once the campaign is launched, the email generation process will start again. 

Option 2: The user will be able to make a request to their account manager to assign a sales person to an active order.