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At OliverList, we systematically take care of the purchase of new domain names for our clients.

The purchase of these domains has two virtues:

  • Avoiding the use of a client's domain name, as this could be impacted (in terms of deliverability) by the sending of prospecting e-mails
  • To allow us to have control over the domain name and therefore :

    - Easily add email accounts to it

    - To delete domain names / e-mails when they have a too high spam rate.


Today, we buy a different domain name for each salesperson.

Although this represents significant costs, it allows us to mitigate the risk by separating each team member from the others. This way, if one account has a growing spam rate, it doesn't impact the other accounts of the same salesperson.


Renewal of domain names: In order to enable us to maximise the performance of campaigns over time, we may have to renew (delete and buy back) domain names whose spam rate (detected continuously using the warm-up process) is too high.


Thus, domain names will be deleted / bought back if one of the following conditions is met:

  • The spam rate is equal to or higher than 70% for +1 week.
  • The warm-up period has expired (initial period of 15 days) and we have not succeeded in getting the domain below 10% spam.

Purchasing email accounts

We have automated the purchase of Gsuite email accounts for our customers. For each "Sales Rep" we purchase 4 email accounts by default. These email accounts are generated based on the information provided by the customer and are based on the sales rep's first name / last name.

By default, we will generate :

- first_name.last_name@domaine.com
- first_name@domaine.com
- Last_name@domaine.com
- Initial_first_name.last_name@domaine.com