Reporting of "out of scope" appointments

Please note: The reporting of an appointment must be done before the start of the appointment. From the time the appointment starts, the button allowing you to indicate an appointment as being out of scope will be blocked. Furthermore, by reporting an appointment, you undertake not to have had any contact with the company/person concerned prior to the report (telephone contact, e-mail, etc.). Finally, the report must be based on tangible criteria (see contract target) for it to be validated by our team.


In the context of our collaboration, Oliverlist gives you the right to check that the appointments are in conformity with the target initially defined in our contract.

Thus, if a scheduled appointment was outside the target defined in the contract (accessible from the Settings -> Contract - section of the tool), you have the possibility to report it so that it can be removed from the billing.

You can flag an appointment if :

- The sector of activity of the company listed on Linkedin does not correspond to what was defined in the initial target

- The size of the company listed on Linkedin does not correspond to what was defined in the initial target

- If the company does not have an implementation in one of the countries stipulated in the initial target

- If no one in the company has a position related to the job title / hierarchy level segmentation stipulated in the initial target

⚠️ Reporting an appointment is only possible if the appointment time has not yet passed.

The steps to report an appointment are as follows:

- Go to the record of the appointment in question

- Click on the "Report opportunity" button

- Write an e-mail to your prospect stating that the appointment has been cancelled

- Specify in the dedicated field, on which parameter you base your report. The parameters that can be taken into account are the following (company size, sector of activity, location, seniority of the contact person, sector within the company of the contact person (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, etc.))

Once the alert has been sent:

- Your prospect will receive the e-mail you have written to inform him/her of the cancellation of the appointment

-The appointment scheduled in your calendar and in the prospect's calendar will be automatically cancelled

-Our team will review your referral request. If the referral was not based on the contract, but on other criteria, our team reserves the right to include the appointment in the billing. The basis for assessing whether a company/prospect meets the criteria identified is the categorisation carried out by Linkedin.