You have no more contacts available in your order? How can you remedy this?

This means that there are less than two hundred new prospects to contact in one or more of the user's orders.

At this point, an account executive is usually already in contact with the user to resolve the issue. 
When this happens, there are several options:


Option 1: Expand the scope of the order in terms of targeting. 
For example, we can:

Add new job titles of potential prospects.
Add new sectors of activity to target
Add new regions/countries to target
Modify the size of the targeted companies

Option 2: Stop the current order and redirect the sales person attached to it to another order (if a second order with enough prospects exists) 
Option 3: Create a new order.
The account manager will perform an analysis of the order and the expansion possibilities, in order to make this process consistent with the prospects the user is trying to contact.