General Terms of Use of Oliverlist

This article recalls and presents the general conditions of use of the Oliverlist platform

Details of services

OliverList is an outsourcing platform for prospecting. We will send prospects on your behalf that match the criteria specified in your order via email to obtain appointments for you and your team.


When you validate your order on OliverList, you mandate us to generate new appointments for your teams for a period of 1 month (renewed at the end of the current calendar month), counted from the date of sending the first prospecting emails. We invest significant resources (purchase of domains, emails, mobilization of our account management and copywriting team) to implement your order, all at our expense. This process, which is 100% handled by OliverList, would not be possible if our clients were able to withdraw from the preparation phase and get our work back for free (e.g. email sequence). If you wish to interrupt the preparation of your orders before the launch, without completing the first month of prospecting, you may be asked to pay a compensation of up to 600€ before tax.

Preparation of your orders

After validation of this proposal, our teams will start the preparation of your order. All campaigns are managed internally by our team. The sequences are written from the briefing elements transmitted by your team in your order and can be consulted after validation by our teams.

Prospecting work

The number of prospecting campaigns that will be set up will depend on the number of appointments you wish to obtain. This quantity can vary depending on your target and your product. Several domain names can be purchased to prospect on your behalf.

These domains will be purchased and managed by our team once this commercial proposal is validated. Thereafter, a Google Workspace Professional account will be set up and the number of email addresses used will depend on the number of appointments you want. This quantity can vary depending on your target and your product. The implementation costs as well as the configurations (email warm-up, CNAME, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.) will also be taken care of by our team. The number of Oliverlist Professional accounts that will be set up will depend on the number of appointments you want. This number can vary depending on your target and your product. It can be adjusted by the project manager in charge of your account.


Appointment setting

We insert in each of the prospecting emails links to make appointments. If you wish, you can synchronize your agenda with our platform so that we can take into account your real availability. If you do not synchronize your calendar with our platform, the default availability (which can be configured on your interface) will be used. Aivoni's business developers do not participate in the meetings sent to your sales representatives. We only intervene in the appointment setting process and in the reprocessing in case of absence of the prospect at the appointment.

The generated appointments are recorded in two places:

  • On our platform
  • In your online agenda

Qualification of appointments

For an appointment to be considered "qualified" (and therefore billable), it must meet two criteria:

  • The contact person (and his company) correspond to the targeting criteria indicated in your order.
  • The person shows up for appointments.

If an appointment is not qualified, we allow you to report it to our team via our platform so that it is not charged. However, it is important to note that the reporting of appointments is subject to conditions, as specified below in this document.

What appointments are considered "unqualified"?

  • An appointment where the person and/or the company do not correspond to the precise targeting criteria defined in your order (Location, Company size, Industry, Job title). Please note that this information is sourced from, which will be the reference base in case of query.
  • An appointment or the person does not show up on the day of the meeting.

Appointments considered as "unqualified" are eligible for reporting. However, it is up to you to report these appointments as such on our platform.

What criteria cannot be used to evaluate an appointment as "unqualified":

  • The level of interest of the prospect: Our role is to put you in touch with people who are part of your target, by prospecting them on your behalf, from a series of prospecting emails that present your company. The objective is to allow you to meet new interlocutors and to create short, medium or long term opportunities. However, it is important to note that we do not manually pre- qualify appointments before the meeting based on criteria other than those presented above. For example, the level of interest of prospects (e.g.: Budget, Deadline, Short-term project) is not part of the criteria used to evaluate the qualification of an appointment.
  • A prospect you already know, but who has not been added to your exclusion list: We allow you to easily add the list of your prospects, customers, partners to the platform in order to avoid them being contacted by our teams.We highly recommend you to do this manipulation in order to avoid contacting your current or former prospects. If ever an appointment is made with one of your prospects and that this one has not been added to your exclusion list, the appointment will be considered as valid.
  • Targeting criteria other than those presented on the platform: The segmentation of the prospects we send to you allows you to finely target your prospects in your order, based on criteria such as their job title, their geographical location, their business sector or other. In 99% of the cases, these criteria are sufficient to cover all the targeting criteria necessary to identify your ideal prospects. On the other hand, we ask you to note that external criteria (e.g.: Tools used, specific business criteria to your industry, turnover. ), cannot be used to disqualify a prospect. Make sure that the targeting criteria at your disposal are sufficient to identify the right prospects for you.

Report an appointment as "off target".

In the context of our collaboration, Oliverlist gives you the right to check the conformity of the appointments with the target initially defined in our contract. Thus, if a scheduled appointment is outside the target defined in your order. You have the possibility to report it so that it can be removed from the invoice.

Please note: the reporting of an appointment must be done before the start of the appointment. From the time the appointment starts, the button allowing you to indicate an appointment as being out of scope will be blocked. Furthermore, by reporting an appointment, you agree not to have had any contact with the company/person concerned prior to the report (telephone contact, e-mail, etc.).

Finally, the report must be made on tangible criteria (see contract target) for it to be validated by our team.

a. You can report an appointment if:

  • The business sector of the company listed on Linkedin does not correspond to what was defined in the initial target
  • The size of the company listed on Linkedin does not correspond to what was defined in the initial target
  • If the company does not have an implementation in one of the countries stipulated in the initial target
  • If no one in the company has a position related to the job title/hierarchical level segmentation stipulated in the initial target

b. The steps for reporting an appointment are as follows:

  1. Go to the appointment in question Click on the "Report Opportunity" button
  2. Write an e-mail to your prospect telling him that the appointment has been cancelled
  3. Specify in the dedicated field, on which parameter you base your report. The parameters that can be taken into account are the following (company size, sector of activity, location, seniority of the contact person, sector within the company of the contact person (e.g.: Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, etc.)

c. Once reported:

  • Your prospect will receive the email you wrote to notify him/her of the appointment cancellation
  • The appointment scheduled in your calendar and in the prospect's calendar will be automatically cancelled
  • Our team will review your referral request. If the referral is not based on the contract, but on other criteria, our team reserves the right to include this appointment in the billing. The basis of reference to evaluate the conformity of a company / prospect to the identified criteria is the categorization made by Linkedin.

Report an appointment as "absent".

As part of our collaboration, Oliverlist takes care of the rescheduling of "no-shows", if they are reported less than 24 hours after the start of the appointment. You can report an appointment if the prospect did not show up at the time agreed upon on the video conference link and you have not been able to reach him/her on the phone number he/she transmitted.

The steps for reporting an appointment as "absent" are as follows:

  1. Go to the form of the appointment in question
  2. Click on the "Report as Absent" button

Once reported:

Our team will call the prospect with the goal of rescheduling the appointment. If we are unable to reschedule the appointment, the appointment will remain as "no show" and will not be billed.

If you ever manage to reach the prospect in the meantime by your own means:

If you manage to reach the prospect in the meantime by your own means, or if the prospect calls you back, remember to inform us on the Oliverlist platform. In this way, we will stop the callback sequences while avoiding an embarrassing call from the prospect, who will not understand the reason for our call when an appointment has already been rescheduled.

To tell us to stop a sequence of reminders:

  1. Go to the form of the appointment in question
  2. Click on the "Set as valid opportunity" button.

Warning: If you forget to indicate a prospect as "valid" after an appointment has finally taken place and one of our business developers has a feedback

If you forget to make an appointment with your prospect, the appointment will be put back as "valid". In addition, you are exposed to an increase of the price / appointment up to 10% of the initial price taking into account the additional work generated by this oversight with our teams.

Case of "non-participation" of a client at the initial appointment

The sales representative concerned will have to manage the rescheduling of the appointment himself. The appointment will be billed on the original date.


All exchanges with our team are done via the Chat located at the bottom right of your customer interface. This is the preferred channel of communication for any question related to the follow-up of your appointments. You can also, if you wish, contact us at

Invoicing and collection of appointments

Appointments are cashed out at the end of each month or when your account reaches a predetermined amount called the payment threshold, whichever comes first. An appointment is considered billable (i) if it has not been reported as "absent", (ii) if it has not been reported as off-target against established criteria, and (iii) twenty-four (24) hours after the appointment date and time.

Payment threshold

This is the cost amount at which billing is triggered. It starts at a fixed level of three hundred euros (€300). It automatically increases by one hundred euros (€100) if your costs reach this threshold before the end of the monthly billing cycle.


We allow you to subscribe, if you wish, to additional options, invoiced in the form of licenses. These options are billed on a month-to-month basis, at a pre-determined price on the platform.

A free trial period may be offered for these options. Once the 1 month trial period is over, the option will be charged to your account on a monthly basis.

You can stop your subscription at any time from your account settings. Any month started is due.


You can request the interruption of your appointment orders by notifying our team via The interruption of the campaigns will be effective:

at the end of the calendar month if your campaigns have already started

30 days after the beginning of your campaigns (sending the first email) if your campaigns have not yet started

Please note that the termination of campaigns only concerns the cessation of sending new emails to your prospects. New appointments can still be made up to 30 days after your termination. After this date, any appointments generated will not be invoiced.