Is your order stopped? Why and how can you start prospecting again?

The "Pause" or "Stand-By" status is applied to customers when they are no longer sending new emails in all their campaigns, but these have not been marked as "Deleted".

Reason 1: The customer's wish 

If a user wishes to take a break of 30 days or less, the account manager will put the order on "Pause".

This will immediately stop all prospecting activity. 

However, appointments can still be made, from emails that were previously sent. 

Reason n°2 : The emails of the order do not prospect anymore (no more available prospects, high spam rate,...)

When all the emails of the order do not send any new contacts for various reasons, this will have the purpose of putting the order on "Pause". 

In the case of a lack of new leads available, the account manager will contact the user, so that the campaigns can be relaunched as soon as possible (within 30 days).

This is not the user's responsibility or desire, so the two parties will have to work together on this. 

How do I start prospecting again?

The user who wishes to restart an order should contact his account manager and ask him to do so. 



Any prospecting email that is in a pending order for more than 30 days will be deleted.

See article on this subject.