What is a "qualified" appointment on OliverList

In order to understand our approach and how we work, we invite you to discover this article which explains the notion of "qualified appointment".

For an appointment to be considered as "qualified" (and therefore billable), it must meet two criteria: 
  • The contact (and his company) correspond to the targeting criteria entered in your order.
  • The person shows up for the appointments.

If an appointment is not qualified, we allow you to report it to our teams via our platform so that it is not billed. However, it is important to note that the reporting of appointments is subject to conditions, as specified in the articles dealing with the reporting of "off-target" and "no-show" appointments.  We therefore advise you to take the time to review these documents before we begin our collaboration and to remember to organize yourself to ensure that no unwanted appointments are billed! 😊

What appointments are considered "unqualified"?

  • An appointment where the person and/or the company do not correspond to the precise targeting criteria defined in your order (Location, Company size, Industry, Job title). Please note that this information is sourced from Linkedin.com, which will be the reference base in case of an interview.
  • An appointment or the person does not show up on the day of the meeting.

Les rendez-vous considérés comme "non qualifiés" sont éligibles à un signalement. C'est néanmoins à votre initiative que ces rendez-vous doivent être signalés comme tel sur notre plateforme. 

What criteria cannot be used to evaluate an appointment as "unqualified":


The level of interest of the prospect: Our role is to put you in touch with people who are part of your target, by prospecting them on your behalf, from a series of prospecting emails that present your company. The objective is to allow you to meet new interlocutors and to create short, medium or long term opportunities.  However, it is important to note that we do not manually pre-qualify appointments before the meeting based on criteria other than those presented above. For example, the level of interest of prospects (e.g.: Budget, Deadline, Short-term project) is not part of the criteria used to evaluate the qualification of a meeting. It's up to your sales people to play their role and challenge your prospects to try to get them closer! But that's your job! It's your job 😉

A prospect you already know, but who has not been added to your opt-out list: We allow you to easily add the list of your prospects, customers, partners to the platform in order to avoid them being contacted by our teams. We highly recommend you to do this manipulation in order to avoid contacting your current or former prospects. If an appointment is made with one of your prospects and he has not been added to your exclusion list, the appointment will be considered valid. 

Targeting criteria other than those presented on the platform: The segmentation of prospects that we send to you allows you to finely target your prospects in your order, based on criteria such as their job title, their geographical location, their sector of activity or other. In 99% of the cases, these criteria are sufficient to cover all the targeting criteria necessary to identify your ideal prospects. On the other hand, we ask you to note that external criteria (e.g.: Tools used, specific business criteria to your industry, turnover. ), cannot be used to disqualify a prospect. Make sure that the targeting criteria at your disposal are sufficient to identify the right prospects for you.